In the past several years, I have come to some incredible understandings about the frequencies used in music and how they affect our lives. I want to give credit to Dr. Leonard Horowitz for much of this understanding as I have been reading much of his works in several of his books, website, and YouTube videos. Two of his books I recommend are Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse and The Book of 528. The information contained in these volumes has totally elevated my understanding of how music works and how important the correct frequencies are to establishing health and welfare.

There are incredible links to the ancient Biblical text and the establishment of the correct frequencies to be used for music that has healing effects on our body and environment. As we come to understand what these frequencies are and how to engage them in all areas of our lives, we will experience positive results and overcome negative impacts in our daily living.

I have been so convinced of the positive effects of this 528Hz Frequency, that I have recorded my last four CDs by tuning my harp into this frequency. The first one is “Psalms of Aliyah” and the “Festival of His Birth”. Two more CDs are “Harp Meditations” and “Tabernacle Prayers”. All of these albums are available in the Marketplace. I have already had much positive feedback on the positive effects of this music from those who are listening to it. As I continue to record, I will also continue to record in the 528Hz Frequency.

I have developed a teaching on this subject in the following video: Music Frequency Teaching.

It is my hope that this will give you some more information and be a blessing to you. If you have any questions, please contact me.

One of Leonard’s web sites is:

I would also recommend the 528 Radio site that transposes popular music into the 528 Hz Frequency:

This site is the result of Dr. Horowitz’s efforts and is a tremendous asset to those who want to change how music affects their lives. I encourage you to explore this site and both add to it by uploading new material as well as download from it and donate to help keep it up and running. There are exciting innovations on the horizon, and much yet to learn.