We are back in California for now. We plan to stay on the West Coast for the time being. We plan to be back traveling at some point, and are open to invitations at any time. We are currently involved in upgrading our homestead in California so we are concentrating our efforts on that for the time being. We could use a break now and then so if you have a venue you would like us to present to, please contact us.

We are presenting “Tabernacle Prayer” and “The Restoration of Peter” – Harp and Stories as we visit different fellowships here on the West Coast. We are also getting close to releasing our second Video – “My Two Sons”. We have finished all the filming and mixing and are now in post-production headed for duplication. Keep in touch for the release date.

We now have the CD/Book set on Tabernacle Prayer – Frequencies of Power – We are also working on a video that will have the other worship songs and PowerPoint slides included for the full experience that we plan to make available by DVD – all of this we are planning to package together so stay tuned for release dates.

As you can see, we may not be traveling as much as usual right now, but we are definitely staying busy.

Our traveling rig, a 30 year old Toyota Dolphin is starting to fall apart – de-laminating plywood – leaking roof – part-time refrigerator and other issues – and now it won’t start. A friend of ours wanted to help us in some way so they started a go-fund-me account to help us get into a more reliable rig – not new, just more reliable. If you would like to participate you can go to: http://www.gofundme.com/y3t4chs

So far, that is as much of a look into the future as we have been granted – stay tuned as always:-)

We thank you for your support in prayer and by donations!

Dan Gordon’s Center for Senior Retirement

Mark Your Calendar and Save the Date: September 8, 2016

We visited this center the last time we were in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina and really enjoyed the people and they enjoyed the music of the harp; we thought we would return to play some calming harp music for the lunch hour.

Evening Vesper Service

Mark Your Calendar and Save the Date: September 10, 2016 at 7:00 pm

This will be a combination of Shirley’s Stories and Harp music followed by some light refreshments. Copies of our musical CDs and DVDs available.

Pastor Bill Holmes Church

Mark Your Calendar and Save the Date: September 14, 2016

We will be presenting an evening of Harp & Story at Pastor’s church. Check back for additional details once available.

Home of Victor Smith

Mark Your Calendar and Save the Date: The Afternoon of September 17, 2016

We will be presenting the Harp & Story ministry with a special emphasis on the Tabernacle Prayer Frequencies.

Home of Bobby and Julie Bennie

Mark Your Calendar and Save the Date: September 24, 2016 from 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm

A gathering of friends and worshipers for music from the harp and other instruments, as well as a time for some of Shirley’s stories. A time of fellowship with shared preparations culminating in a meal together.

River of Life Congregation

Mark Your Calendar and Save the Date: October 1, 2016 starting at 11:00 am

A full day of fellowship with a presentation on the Tabernacle Prayer Frequencies with teachings and Harp music and Shirley’s stories.