Keys of David

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    In Isaiah 22:22 it says, “I will place on his shoulders the Keys of David, and what he opens, no man can shut; and what he shuts, no man can open.” As I have been working with the Psalms of David music, I have come to appreciate the beautiful chord progressions and music that is hidden withing each of the Psalms. As I have shared this music around the world, the feedback I am receiving is testimony to the wonderful affects this music has to calm and restore. The Hebrew word is “Shalom” and I believe that this music that comes from the Psalms is a “Key” to receiving this Shalom. I have recorded these Psalms in longer meditations so that you can just soak in the music and the frequencies and receive this Shalom.I pray that you will be blessed.

    • Track 1 — Psalm 23
    • Track 2 — Psalm 27
    • Track 3 — Psalm 51
    • Track 4 — Psalm 91
    • Track 5 — Psalm 103
    • Track 6 — Psalm 118
    • Track 7 — Psalm 136

    Festival of His Birth

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    This album is dedicated to the birth of our Messiah, Y’Shua who did come to earth as a baby born during the Feast of Sukkot in Bethlehem. He stepped down from His position of Sustainer of the Universe to manifest as a helpless babe and then allowed Himself to be placed on a stake, paying the ultimate price for our redemption. Personally, I think these songs celebrating His birth and life among us should be sung year round! Enjoy these inspiring traditional songs about this exceptional event that changed history for all human kind. I now humbly invite you to experience the music of my harp, for reflection, enjoyment, and, most of all His SHALOM! I have recorded this CD in 528Hz Frequency, which also offers a degree of healing, restoration, and peace that harmonizes with the “Prince of Peace”, our Creator of the Universe. It is my prayer that this music will be a blessing to you. Bonus: As an added bonus, please enjoy The Shepherd’s Story, written and told by my wife, Shirley, (only available on the CD).

    • Track 1 — Joy to the World
    • Track 2 — What Child Is This
    • Track 3 — Angels We Have Heard On High
    • Track 4 — Oh Come All Ye Faithful
    • Track 5 — Come Long Expected One
    • Track 6 — Oh Come Emmanuel
    • Track 7 — Silent Night
    • Track 8 — It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
    • Track 9 — We Three Kings
    • Track 10 — David’s Royal City
    • Track 11 — Still Night (Celtic)
    • Track 12 — Away in a Manger
    • Track 13 — Shine the Light
    • Track 14 — The Shepherd’s Story by Shirley, available on hard CD

    Frequencies of Power DVD

    “Frequencies of Power” DVD is the newest addition to our Tabernacle Prayer collection; a stunning visual and auditory journey of healing and restoration. One hour of harp music from the Tabernacle Prayer CD is now combined with color themed nature photos integrated with the Solfeggio frequencies.

    • 396Hz: Red
    • 417Hz: Orange
    • 528Hz: Green/Gold
    • 639Hz: Forest Green
    • 741Hz: Blue
    • 852Hz: Purple

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