In the past several years, I have come to some incredible understandings about the frequencies used in music and how they affect our lives. I want to give credit to Dr. Leonard Horowitz for much of this understanding as I have been reading much of his works in several of his books, website, and YouTube videos. Two of his books I recommend are Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse and The Book of 528. The information contained in these volumes has totally elevated my understanding of how music works and how important the correct frequencies are to establishing health and welfare.

There are incredible links to the ancient Biblical text and the establishment of the correct frequencies to be used for music that has healing effects on our body and environment. As we come to understand what these frequencies are and how to engage them in all areas of our lives, we will experience positive results and overcome negative impacts in our daily living.

I have been so convinced of the positive effects of this 528Hz Frequency, that I have recorded my last four CDs by tuning my harp into this frequency. The first one is “Psalms of Aliyah” and the “Festival of His Birth”. Two more CDs are “Harp Meditations” and “Tabernacle Prayers”. All of these albums are available in the Marketplace. I have already had much positive feedback on the positive effects of this music from those who are listening to it. As I continue to record, I will also continue to record in the 528Hz Frequency.

I have developed a teaching on this subject in the following video: Music Frequency Teaching.

It is my hope that this will give you some more information and be a blessing to you. If you have any questions, please contact me.

One of Leonard’s web sites is: http://www.drlenhorowitz.com/

I would also recommend the 528 Radio site that transposes popular music into the 528 Hz Frequency: http://528records.com/

This site is the result of Dr. Horowitz’s efforts and is a tremendous asset to those who want to change how music affects their lives. I encourage you to explore this site and both add to it by uploading new material as well as download from it and donate to help keep it up and running. There are exciting innovations on the horizon, and much yet to learn.

Our Big Big YHVH/God

I have just released another teaching that is a continuation of the understanding of Music Frequencies that is presented higher on this page. The understanding of the 528 Hz frequency is ever unfolding and I believe that I have grasped another step in a growing revelation of this fascinating subject. This next teaching that I have presented was captured on video and mixed by Heather Smith in Appleton, Wisconsin during a seminar that we gave on July 29, 2017 – titled “Our Big Big YHVH/God”.

As I have presented previously, I believe that YHVH/God created with frequencies – actually sang His creation into existence. I further believe that these frequencies that are found in Numbers chapter 7 of the Bible and elsewhere, are being rediscovered for our time in which we are being assaulted by so many things that are causing so much trouble today. As we are being detuned with diseases, toxins, environmental pollution in air, food and water; ever adapting harmful microbes, and many other factors, we are finding a way to come back into tune with these frequencies.

I wanted to present an understanding of how big our YHVH/God is by looking at His creation – on the grand scale of the universe as well as the intricate designs at all levels, from micro to macro, and help get a better understanding of how these frequencies are not just an interesting phenomena, but that they are woven throughout the whole of creation. Even evolution scientists, agnostics and atheists are beginning to at least acknowledge that there is a design and mathematical precision observed throughout the universe and admit that there may be a designer behind the design – a mathematician behind the math – although they are not yet ready to call Him by His name.

I also wanted to update my understanding of the Solfeggio Frequencies because of some discoveries we have made in the Tabernacle of Moses found in the Scriptures and the relationship of the pieces of furniture in that tabernacle to each of the frequencies which I now prefer to call Tabernacle Frequencies because of their relationship to the tabernacle. The Tabernacle of Moses was designed by YHVH/God because He said, “Let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.” YHVH/God was making a way for us to be able to come into His presence. I like to think of it as retuning back into His frequency so we are “In Phase” with Him.

I also present a brief understanding of String Theory which I believe is another addition to support the idea that YHVH/God created with frequencies and by the way, sustains the universe with those frequencies as well. It also supports the idea of a design in the universe and thus a designer.

As we understand how big our YHVH/God is and how intricately He has designed our world and the universe, I believe we gain a better understanding of how we can come into His presence and be restored or retuned. Just like my harp, if it doesn’t get tuned often, it will play sour notes that are not enjoyable at all. I hope you are blessed by this teaching.

The Value of Music in Life Applications

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