The 444Hz Calibration vs. the 432Hz Calibration!

The 444Hz Calibration vs. the 432Hz Calibration!

I wanted to take a moment to address a subject that frequently comes to me in the form of one question or another. Many people are asking if it might not be better to use the 432Hz calibration to tune with instead of the orchestral standard of 440Hz. They go on to site many articles from the internet regarding the changing of the standardization in years past, and some include theories about why it was changed. I am not going to dwell on these theories nor list any sources for this understanding; there are many available online by using a Google search.

I do not question that the standardization was changed and I do not say that the 432Hz crowd are all wrong, but I do want to give you a reason why I choose to go with the 444Hz calibration for the A note. Actually a friend of mine told me one time when I asked him about the difference, that he believed that some people responded better to the 432Hz calibration and some better to the 444Hz. In fact he had his piano tuned to the 432Hz calibration. So I think there is a value in exploring various approaches.

I have chosen to use the 444Hz calibration because of the understanding I have come to out of the Hebrew text of the book of Numbers – Chapter 7 and Psalms 119. I have that teaching available on YouTube –

Because I find these frequencies presented in the ancient scriptures, I have great confidence in them and their ability to affect our lives. The most important frequency that comes out of these 6 that are found in the scriptures is the 528Hz or C note (if you use the 444Hz calibration). Much study and experimentation have been done with this frequency – from Emoto’s work on healing water and frozen water crystal structures, to DNA repair by genetic researchers using this frequency; and others as well. The 528Hz frequency has been given the name, “Miracle Frequency”, “Healing Frequency”, “Creative Frequency” and others reflecting its amazing qualities.

If you use the 432Hz as your calibration, you do not achieve any of these scriptural frequencies in any of the harmonizing notes of the scale you would then produce. The notes produced are actually flat from the standardized tuning. In using the 444Hz calibration the notes are slightly sharp. Interestingly, most professional singers naturally sing slightly sharp. I believe that this is another evidence that the 444Hz calibration is more accurate because this seems to reflect that their DNA is actually telling them to sing sharp or into the 444Hz area. Before I understood these frequencies, I would tune my harp sharp because it just sounded better to me. Now I know why.

I just want to say that I am not saying that I have the final indisputable answer to this issue. I am just as much on a journey of discovery as you all are. I may even change my position at some point down the road. I am just giving you the best information I have at this time. I want to encourage you all to continue to study this out. I believe that there is much more to learn here.

I want to thank you all for your interest and support and invite you to stay tuned (Pun Intended!) as we continue this journey. I also invite you to send me anything you may discover in the process. Until the next one…Enjoy!