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Cosmic Music!

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Cosmic Music

I know there are pluses and minuses in opinions about what is going on at CERN but I wanted to share this article because I think it further illustrates the belief I have in regards to the relationship between matter and sound or frequencies. This information is just another proof in my mind that all… continue reading»

Shirley’s New Book

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God's Powerlines

I want to introduce you to Shirley’s new book “God’s Power Lines”. She has written about the relationship between our spiritual connection with our Heavenly Father and how the physical principles of electricity work. The book is also available at Amazon and is available in Kindle and Nook format as well. As she was… continue reading»

Another Video to Share

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My friend Bev sent this amazing Youtube over to me and I immediately wanted to post it here to share with you. I have it on my Facebook Page “Peregrinnatti” as well. This is a video of the effects that sound has on making physical matter take different shapes according to the variation of the… continue reading»

Seeing Sound

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Seeing Sound

I was reading a post from a friend of mine in Jerusalem on his blog “Shoreshim of Old City” and found it very interesting. I have talked with Moshe, who is the owner of the Shoreshim Shop in the Jewish Quarter of Old Jerusalem about the work I am doing with the Psalms of David… continue reading»