396 Hz Frequency of Fire

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    This is the 3rd CD in a series that will eventually be 7 which is the Tabernacle Frequencies (6) plus the 444 Hz which is the CD “Master Key” that is already available. The Frequency of Fire is played in the 396 Hz frequency which is associated with the Brazen Altar where the sacrifice was burned bringing purification and release. The 396 Hz frequency is also the first frequency one meets when going through the protocol of worship that eventually brings the worshiper before the Throne of Grace where our Heavenly Father longs to be with us. Remember he told Moses to “make Him a sanctuary so that He could dwell among us.” The Brazen Altar is the beginning of that process and is the lowest frequency – the lowest note.

    444 Hz – The Master Key

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    I am happy to announce the release of my new CD album — The Master Key.

    It is the second CD in what is to be a 7 CD set that has each one of the Tabernacle Frequencies as a separate 45-minute composition. Each of the frequencies is important to our bodies as the temple of the Spirit of God and I believe it is important to have each of them available for the work and tuning that we each need to do in preparing ourselves to be the bride of Yashua. The 444 Hz I am calling the Master Key because it is the one used to calibrate all the others. As in Isaiah 22:22 it is the Key of David – what it opens no man can shut and what it shuts, no man can open. I pray that you are blessed by this music as you listen and meditate. Blessings

    Private Harp Lesson #1: Psalm 23

    This is Lesson #1: Psalm 23 – Learn how to play the Psalms of David. Music is transcribed from the Hebrew Text. I am available for questions and suggestions so feel free to contact me.
    Be sure to visit the Collaborate page to download the sheet music needed for this lesson.

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    Private Harp Lesson #2: Psalm 51

    This is Lesson #2: Psalm 51 – Learn how to play the Psalms of David. Music is transcribed from the Hebrew Text. I am available for questions and suggestions so feel free to contact me.
    Be sure to visit the Collaborate page to download the sheet music needed for this lesson.

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    Private Harp Lesson #3: Psalm 91

    This is Lesson #3: Psalm 91 – Learn how to play the Psalms of David. Music is transcribed from the Hebrew Text. I am available for questions and suggestions so feel free to contact me.
    Be sure to visit the Collaborate page to download the sheet music needed for this lesson.

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    All Nature Sings

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    For several years now, I have been asked to produce a relaxing harp music CD that has nature sounds in the background. This spring I purchased a sensitive sound recorder and began to capture different sounds from the different places we were visiting; Beautiful songbirds from our backyard in Mississippi; thunderstorm sounds from Kentucky; night sounds from Iowa; geese and loons from Wisconsin; and river sounds from Colorado.

    When I went to California in July to record with Gene LeSage, we started to put “sounds together with some tracks I was laying down with the harp. As we combined the various tracks, I became more and more excited with the combination of the studio and the wilds of America. The result is this new album – “All Nature Sings”. I hope and pray that you will find this album a beautiful restful addition to the calming harp music that I make available.

    • Track 1 — Birds
    • Track 2 — Lake
    • Track 3 — Night
    • Track 4 — The River
    • Track 5 — Thunder

    Living Water

    Click play to listen to Track 1 – Psalm 90

    This new Harp CD is melodic combinations of chord progressions from Psalms 90 through 100 – often referred to as the Psalms of Moses. I have added soft background music to the harp with keyboard accompaniment that, in my opinion, does not detract from the main focus of the harp. I believe that what you will hear on this recording will be a blessing to you. It is my hope and prayer that it become another treasured addition in your musical library providing you with hours of peaceful rest and gentle restoration.

    • Track 1 — Psalm 90
    • Track 2 — Psalm 91
    • Track 3 — Psalm 92
    • Track 4 — Psalm 93
    • Track 5 — Psalm 94
    • Track 6 — Psalm 95
    • Track 7 — Psalm 96
    • Track 8 — Psalm 97
    • Track 9 — Psalm 98
    • Track 10 — Psalm 99
    • Track 11 — Psalm 100

    528Hz Frequency of Light

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    This 528 Hz Frequency music is based on specific frequencies that have been decoded from the Bible in the book of Numbers, Chapter 7 verses 12 – 84. These melodic chord progressions played on the harp are taken directly form the words of the Hebrew text and transcribed into musical notation.

    These relaxing sounds will help to soothe the soul and provide a calming background for sleep and/or meditation. Some people write me and tell me that this music helps them tune their life energies into more complete health and wellness. Others say that it just helps them relax.

    Many listeners are writing me and telling me that they are able to sleep with this music when they had been insomniac before finding it. Others are telling me that it helps them control pain and be able to relax when the stresses of life pile on. Some are finding that they are playing the music softly in the background all the time just to “change the atmosphere.” Some are even telling me that they are so moved by the music that they are brought to tears.

    Massage therapists are using this music during their treatments along with birthing centers and many other therapeutic environments. Even pet salons and goat milking stations are finding that the animals are much calmer when the music is playing in the background.

    Many parents are telling me that they use this music to play as they are getting their children into bed and the struggles to get them to sleep all but vanish. Others are using it in their cars as they travel to help their children settle down and not be so aggressive.

    Festival of His Birth

    Click play to listen to Track 7 – Silent Night

    This album is dedicated to the birth of our Messiah, Y’Shua who did come to earth as a baby born during the Feast of Sukkot in Bethlehem. He stepped down from His position of Sustainer of the Universe to manifest as a helpless babe and then allowed Himself to be placed on a stake, paying the ultimate price for our redemption. Personally, I think these songs celebrating His birth and life among us should be sung year round! Enjoy these inspiring traditional songs about this exceptional event that changed history for all human kind. I now humbly invite you to experience the music of my harp, for reflection, enjoyment, and, most of all His SHALOM! I have recorded this CD in 528Hz Frequency, which also offers a degree of healing, restoration, and peace that harmonizes with the “Prince of Peace”, our Creator of the Universe. It is my prayer that this music will be a blessing to you. Bonus: As an added bonus, please enjoy The Shepherd’s Story, written and told by my wife, Shirley, (only available on the CD).

    • Track 1 — Joy to the World
    • Track 2 — What Child Is This
    • Track 3 — Angels We Have Heard On High
    • Track 4 — Oh Come All Ye Faithful
    • Track 5 — Come Long Expected One
    • Track 6 — Oh Come Emmanuel
    • Track 7 — Silent Night
    • Track 8 — It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
    • Track 9 — We Three Kings
    • Track 10 — David’s Royal City
    • Track 11 — Still Night (Celtic)
    • Track 12 — Away in a Manger
    • Track 13 — Shine the Light
    • Track 14 — The Shepherd’s Story by Shirley, available on hard CD

    Frequencies of the Tabernacle

    This is the original paper written by Steve Rees and published in Hebrew Roots, a publication developed by Dean and Susan Wheelock. In it, Steve discusses how he came to discover the Scriptural frequencies and their relationship with the pieces in the tabernacle. This musical journey of discovery has been interesting and wonderful and beautiful, but Steve kept wondering if there was more to understand. Was there something deeper than listening pleasure? After all, King David was the master of worship. Part of the reason that he is called by YHVH, “a man after my own heart”, is because he displayed such passionate worship to the King of the Universe!

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    Harp and Cello

    Click play to listen to Track 1

    The music on this CD is transposed directly from the Hebrew Psalms of David. These are the Psalms of Ascent written by David to be sung as pilgrims ascended to Jerusalem for the Annual Feasts of the L_rd. My first efforts at bringing the music of the first three Psalms of Ascent to life were recorded on another album. With this album, I wanted to expand on what we had previously done and add another dimension to it. John and I had played together before and I have always been impressed by his intuitive ability in performing on the Cello. I asked him if he would be interested in helping me with this recording and he was all too willing and excited to join in the effort. My good friend Gene LeSage has helped Shirley and I record several of our albums and his technical ability and purity sustained this project through its development to make sure that it came across with boldness and sincerity. Shirley’s skill in bringing the words of Scripture alive for her hearers also adds to the presentation of this CD set. We have tried to interpret these Psalms according to the message that David has written into each of them. Someday, I want to ask him what he had in mind as he wrote these Psalms. Probably what is here is different than David played, yet I believe that there is something of the essence that he wrote into these works, in praise to G_d. It is our prayer that you be brought into the presence of Most High G_d as you listen and participate with the music of these Psalms of Ascent — and it is our prayer also that you be infected with the anticipation of repeating these Psalms as you ascend to Jerusalem for the Feasts of the L_rd when His Kingdom is restored. May it be soon and in our day!

    There are two CDs in this set. One CD is music only for just playing in the background. The other CD has Shirley reading the Scriptures that the music is taken from so that you can enjoy the mixture of the music and words. Each has a unique experience to offer.

    Harp Meditations

    Click play to listen to Track 1 – Peaceful Repose

    This CD is my most recent. It is recorded in 528Hz tuning and it was designed to be background music for meditation, reading and study, therapy, or even just helping you get to sleep. There are 4 compositions about 15 minutes each and they help to set up a very peaceful atmosphere.

    • Track 1 — Peaceful Repose
    • Track 2 — Healing Touch
    • Track 3 — Rain on Me
    • Track 4 — Living Waters


    Click play to listen to Track 6 – The Shelter of Your Wings

    The name for the album, ‘Illuminations’ comes from Psalms: “How praiseworthy is the people who know the sound of the shofar and who are illuminated and walk by the countenance of Hashem. In His name they rejoice all day long and through His righteousness they are exalted.” Psalms 89:15-16. In Hebrew ‘Illuminated’ is “b’or”. The idea of observing reality in the light of the Father’s presence, in His creation, and in His Word, set my imagination in gear. I began to think of the different images connected with the music that I felt inspired to write. It is my prayer that as you listen to the sounds coming forth from the harp that you will be inspired to see with your mind and heart the various ways that the Father shines His light into our lives.

    • Track 1 — The River
    • Track 2 — Mountain Paths
    • Track 3 — Evening Comes
    • Track 4 — Celtic Nights
    • Track 5 — Path through the Sea
    • Track 6 — The Shelter of Your Wings
    • Track 7 — Green Pastures
    • Track 8 — Meadow Dance
    • Track 9 — Kingdom Restored
    • Track 10 — The Journey
    • Track 11 — Streaming Light

    Keys of David

    Click play to listen to Track 1 – Psalm 23

    In Isaiah 22:22 it says, “I will place on his shoulders the Keys of David, and what he opens, no man can shut; and what he shuts, no man can open.” As I have been working with the Psalms of David music, I have come to appreciate the beautiful chord progressions and music that is hidden withing each of the Psalms. As I have shared this music around the world, the feedback I am receiving is testimony to the wonderful affects this music has to calm and restore. The Hebrew word is “Shalom” and I believe that this music that comes from the Psalms is a “Key” to receiving this Shalom. I have recorded these Psalms in longer meditations so that you can just soak in the music and the frequencies and receive this Shalom.I pray that you will be blessed.

    • Track 1 — Psalm 23
    • Track 2 — Psalm 27
    • Track 3 — Psalm 51
    • Track 4 — Psalm 91
    • Track 5 — Psalm 103
    • Track 6 — Psalm 118
    • Track 7 — Psalm 136

    Psalms of Aliyah

    Click play to listen to Track 5 – Psalm 124: Like a Bird

    This CD album is the result of researching the physiological effects of various frequencies for healing and well-being. I have been encouraged by Dr. Leonard Horowitz through his published work in this area to offer a recording using the 528 “Mi” frequency as the basis for the compositions you are about to hear. The chord progressions come out of the Psalms of David using Hebrew letter to frequency relationships that are established out of Psalm 119. I believe that these frequencies may have been a way that our Heavenly Father was and is trying to help us live in health, restoration, and prosperity. These frequencies could very possibly be the “Key of David” that Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:7 talk about. May these “Keys” change your life!

    • Track 1 — Psalm 120: I Cried Out
    • Track 2 — Psalm 121: I Lift My Eyes
    • Track 3 — Psalm 122: The Peace of Jerusalem
    • Track 4 — Psalm 123: I Look to You
    • Track 5 — Psalm 124: Like a Bird
    • Track 6 — Psalm 125: Mount Zion
    • Track 7 — Psalm 126: The Dream
    • Track 8 — Psalm 127: Solomon’s Temple
    • Track 9 — Psalm 128: Fruitful Vine
    • Track 10 — Psalm 129: The Blessing
    • Track 11 — Psalm 130: Waiting for the Dawn
    • Track 12 — Psalm 131: Resting on You
    • Track 13 — Psalm 132: The Promise
    • Track 14 — Psalm 133: Precious Oil
    • Track 15 — Psalm 134: High Praise

    Rise Up by Avadim

    Click play to listen to Track 2 – Rise Up

    Calming Harp is excited to present “Rise Up”, a harp instrumental album with original compositions composed by Avadim. The harp’s vibrations penetrate body tissues at the cellular level to facilitate healing to our entire being. As I reached for a touch from the heavens, these songs were given to me. And at that time, I was shown the proper order that my being was designed to function in. My spirit was being called to “rise up”and be the head. Spirit first, then soul and body. May these unique melodies support you in a cradle of calming therapeutic sound as they wash over you in gentle healing waves, ministering to your Spirit, soul and body.

    • Track 1 — Through the Gates
    • Track 2 — Rise Up
    • Track 3 — The Way Home
    • Track 4 — Yavoh
    • Track 5 — Steve’s Song
    • Track 6 — Return to Innocence
    • Track 7 — Living Waters
    • Track 8 — Night Vision
    • Track 9 — My Love
    • Track 10 — The Tribes
    • Track 11 — Latter Rain
    • Track 12 — Naso (Elevation)
    • Track 13 — Angel Wings
    • Track 14 — In the Garden

    Shalom Power Clips

    Click play to listen to Track 2 – The Light

    We are admonished to “be strong and very courageous, be careful to do all…, do not turn from My way, not to the right or to the left, so that you may have success wherever you go.”Joshua 1:7. And how do we do this? The very next verse gives the answer: “This book of My covenant with you shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it, for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success.” Joshua 1:8

    The ability to live Our YHVH’s (God’s) command is found in Jeremiah 31:33: “But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel (Romans 11) after those days” declares YHVH, “I will put my Torah within them, and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their Elohim, and they shall be My people.” We are offering to you the Words of our Creator combined with the frequencies of His creation in mp3 recordings and a CD. Whenever you need encouragement and strength, listen to the promises of YHVH and be blessed. These recordings are filled with hope and eternal wisdom from the Scriptures and they are combined with the sounds of the harp tuned into the 528Hz frequency that has been shown to have the power to heal and restore our mind, body, and spirits.

    Some of the articles I have been posting give witness to the effects of these frequencies upon our whole being in many ways, and we determined to offer these words and frequencies so that these positive effects could become a part of your daily routine.

    We are offering these in the MP3 format so you can load them onto your personal listening device (by clicking on the cart next to the track). Or if you don’t have a personal listening device, we are also offering a clip-on MP3 player, that is pre-loaded with 5 Shalom Power Clips to get you started reprogramming your DNA. The suggested donation for an MP3 player loaded with the 5 Shalom Power Clips is $50 plus $5 shipping. To add it to your cart, click on the Add MP3 Player button on the right. International orders please call or e-mail for shipping quote.

    • Track 1 — Our YHVH
    • Track 2 — The Light
    • Track 3 — YHVH With Us
    • Track 4 — YHVH Our Healer
    • Track 5 — Rain on Me

    Tabernacle Prayer Book CD Set

    Click play to listen to Track 5

    We are happy to announce our newest addition of CD recording as well as an accompanying book. We have been discovering the effects of frequencies in our lives through the articles and posting that have been presented on this website. Our understanding about the frequencies and their origins from Scripture have caused us to take a closer look as to where these frequencies are described and consider the context of the Scriptures surrounding them. In so doing, we have discovered an amazing link between the Solfeggio Frequencies, (we prefer to call them the “Scripture Frequencies”) and the Tabernacle of Moses built by Israel during their wilderness wanderings after they came out of Egypt. It is our belief that these frequencies facilitate our approach to the Living God in worship and prayer.

    The CD is a recording of Steve playing the harp in each of the Scripture Frequencies and is intended to be used in conjunction with the book for a calming deep worship experience of healing and deliverance. The book is written by Shir le and is filled with meditations and prayers and suggestions for introspection at each stage as you approach the throne of the Most High. Each of the frequencies is described along with its characteristics and accompanying color to give a fuller understanding of the experience. Worship songs that can be pulled off of YouTube are suggested to offer a more complete experience as well.

    Everywhere we have presented this experience it has been received with enthusiastic support. We believe that this offering will be a real benefit to you in your spiritual journey.

    The Frequency of Life by Avadim

    Click play to listen to Track 8 – Passion

    Calming Harp is excited to present “The Frequency of Life”, an album of original instrumental harp compositions. All instruments have been tuned to equal 444 Hz, with C equaling 528 Hz, for an even greater opportunity for healing of the spirit soul and body. The 528 Hz frequency has been proven by scientists to repair DNA; it brings the separated strands back to their helix formation. We believe this is the frequency that life was created in as the Creator sang or spoke everything into existence. As the frequency of life pours into your soul, may these unique compositions inspire the miraculous and encourage positive change and healing.

    • Track 1 — Winds of Change
    • Track 2 — Kaleb the Brave
    • Track 3 — Twenty-Four Moons
    • Track 4 — In the Wilderness
    • Track 5 — Manna
    • Track 6 — My Zy Guy
    • Track 7 — Aleph Tav
    • Track 8 — Passion
    • Track 9 — Echad
    • Track 10 — The Journey
    • Track 11 — Tree of Life
    • Track 12 — Sweet Sarah
    • Track 13 — Return of the King

    The Way Home by Avadim

    Click play to listen to Track 10 – My Love

    Calming Harp is excited to present “The Way Home”, a worship album with lyrics, inspired by Scripture and the Holy Spirit. How do we enter that spiritual realm where heaven meets earth? Where is that place where striving ceases and the flow of His Spirit arrests us, moving through the instruments and our beings to bring about a sacrifice of praise that is worthy of the King of Kings? These songs have been written and recorded in the ancient solfeggio scale that many believe King David tuned his instruments to. When David played his harp for King Saul he was refreshed and the distressing spirit left him. The harp was also used to release the prophetic word, in many places in Scripture. It is our hope and prayer that you will be encouraged and strengthened by this music. May God’s words in these inspired compositions be a light to your path as He lead you to “the way home”.

    • Track 1 — Aaronic Blessing – Numbers 6:22 (Dedicated to our friend Rico Cortez)
    • Track 2 — Aleph Tav – Isaiah 44, Revelation 22 (Dedicated to our friend Lois Brown)
    • Track 3 — Come to Me – Psalm 101
    • Track 4 — Echad – Genesis 2:22, John 17:22
    • Track 5 — Rise Up – Zechariah 2
    • Track 6 — Song of Moses – Exodus 15
    • Track 7 — Manna – Exodus 16
    • Track 8 — The Pillars – Revelation 3 and 7
    • Track 9 — Song of the Lamb – Revelation 15
    • Track 10 — My Love – Psalm 63
    • Track 11 — Yavoh – Revelation 12, 14, 19, and 22
    • Track 12 — Latter Rain – Isaiah 41
    • Track 13 — In the Garden – Psalm 34
    • Track 14 — Tree of Life – Revelation 22

    Healing Harp

    Click play to listen to Track 12 – Smokey Mountain Tune

    This CD is the first I recorded back in 2001. At the time I was still practicing in my profession as a Registered Nurse and I would take my harp into the hospital and play at the bedside and experience many stories of healing from the music. As this continued to develop, people started asking me if there was something they could take home and share. A friend of mine told me he knew another fellow that had a recording studio, so after a few phone calls and miles driven, we were in front of a microphone to produce this CD. This is an eclectic collection of various music that I was playing at the time, much of it that was requested by my listeners. I hope you will be blessed by these pieces and my prayer is for you to experience healing of your mind, body and spirit as so many have attested to.

    • Track 1 — Hebrew 23rd Psalm
    • Track 2 — It is Well With My Soul
    • Track 3 — Still Night
    • Track 4 — All Creatures of Our God
    • Track 5 — Foggy Dew
    • Track 6 — Greensleeves
    • Track 7 — Hebrew Psalms 91
    • Track 8 — Fiddle Tune
    • Track 9 — Simple Gifts
    • Track 10 — Minstrel Boy
    • Track 11 — Turn Your Eyes
    • Track 12 — Smokey Mountain Tune
    • Track 13 — Worship Him
    • Track 14 — He Will Reign
    • Track 15 — Hebrew Psalm 121
    • Track 16 — If the Son Sets You Free
    • Track 17 — He is the Way
    • Track 18 — Holy of Holies