Private Harp Lesson #1: Psalm 23

    This is Lesson #1: Psalm 23 – Learn how to play the Psalms of David. Music is transcribed from the Hebrew Text. I am available for questions and suggestions so feel free to contact me.
    Be sure to visit the Collaborate page to download the sheet music needed for this lesson.

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    All Nature Sings

    Click play to listen to Track 4 – The River

    For several years now, I have been asked to produce a relaxing harp music CD that has nature sounds in the background. This spring I purchased a sensitive sound recorder and began to capture different sounds from the different places we were visiting; Beautiful songbirds from our backyard in Mississippi; thunderstorm sounds from Kentucky; night sounds from Iowa; geese and loons from Wisconsin; and river sounds from Colorado.

    When I went to California in July to record with Gene LeSage, we started to put “sounds together with some tracks I was laying down with the harp. As we combined the various tracks, I became more and more excited with the combination of the studio and the wilds of America. The result is this new album – “All Nature Sings”. I hope and pray that you will find this album a beautiful restful addition to the calming harp music that I make available.

    • Track 1 — Birds
    • Track 2 — Lake
    • Track 3 — Night
    • Track 4 — The River
    • Track 5 — Thunder

    Living Water

    Click play to listen to Track 1 – Psalm 90

    This new Harp CD is melodic combinations of chord progressions from Psalms 90 through 100 – often referred to as the Psalms of Moses. I have added soft background music to the harp with keyboard accompaniment that, in my opinion, does not detract from the main focus of the harp. I believe that what you will hear on this recording will be a blessing to you. It is my hope and prayer that it become another treasured addition in your musical library providing you with hours of peaceful rest and gentle restoration.

    • Track 1 — Psalm 90
    • Track 2 — Psalm 91
    • Track 3 — Psalm 92
    • Track 4 — Psalm 93
    • Track 5 — Psalm 94
    • Track 6 — Psalm 95
    • Track 7 — Psalm 96
    • Track 8 — Psalm 97
    • Track 9 — Psalm 98
    • Track 10 — Psalm 99
    • Track 11 — Psalm 100