Frequencies of Power DVD

    “Frequencies of Power” DVD is the newest addition to our Tabernacle Prayer collection; a stunning visual and auditory journey of healing and restoration. One hour of harp music from the Tabernacle Prayer CD is now combined with color themed nature photos integrated with the Solfeggio frequencies.

    • 396Hz: Red
    • 417Hz: Orange
    • 528Hz: Green/Gold
    • 639Hz: Forest Green
    • 741Hz: Blue
    • 852Hz: Purple

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    Frequencies of the Tabernacle

    This is the original paper written by Steve Rees and published in Hebrew Roots, a publication developed by Dean and Susan Wheelock. In it, Steve discusses how he came to discover the Scriptural frequencies and their relationship with the pieces in the tabernacle. This musical journey of discovery has been interesting and wonderful and beautiful, but Steve kept wondering if there was more to understand. Was there something deeper than listening pleasure? After all, King David was the master of worship. Part of the reason that he is called by YHVH, “a man after my own heart”, is because he displayed such passionate worship to the King of the Universe!

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    God’s Power Lines: The Spiritual Dynamics of Electricity

    I am so proud of my wife Shirley – She just received the first copies of her new book, “God’s Power Lines”. It has been a year long labor of love and it’s now available from multiple providers. (Shirley receives a better royalty if you order directly from us.)

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