God’s Power Lines: The Spiritual Dynamics of Electricity

    I am so proud of my wife Shirley – She just received the first copies of her new book, “God’s Power Lines”. It has been a year long labor of love and it’s now available from multiple providers. (Shirley receives a better royalty if you order directly from us.)

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    Harp and Cello

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    The music on this CD is transposed directly from the Hebrew Psalms of David. These are the Psalms of Ascent written by David to be sung as pilgrims ascended to Jerusalem for the Annual Feasts of the L_rd. My first efforts at bringing the music of the first three Psalms of Ascent to life were recorded on another album. With this album, I wanted to expand on what we had previously done and add another dimension to it. John and I had played together before and I have always been impressed by his intuitive ability in performing on the Cello. I asked him if he would be interested in helping me with this recording and he was all too willing and excited to join in the effort. My good friend Gene LeSage has helped Shirley and I record several of our albums and his technical ability and purity sustained this project through its development to make sure that it came across with boldness and sincerity. Shirley’s skill in bringing the words of Scripture alive for her hearers also adds to the presentation of this CD set. We have tried to interpret these Psalms according to the message that David has written into each of them. Someday, I want to ask him what he had in mind as he wrote these Psalms. Probably what is here is different than David played, yet I believe that there is something of the essence that he wrote into these works, in praise to G_d. It is our prayer that you be brought into the presence of Most High G_d as you listen and participate with the music of these Psalms of Ascent — and it is our prayer also that you be infected with the anticipation of repeating these Psalms as you ascend to Jerusalem for the Feasts of the L_rd when His Kingdom is restored. May it be soon and in our day!

    There are two CDs in this set. One CD is music only for just playing in the background. The other CD has Shirley reading the Scriptures that the music is taken from so that you can enjoy the mixture of the music and words. Each has a unique experience to offer.

    Harp Meditations

    Click play to listen to Track 1 – Peaceful Repose

    This CD is my most recent. It is recorded in 528Hz tuning and it was designed to be background music for meditation, reading and study, therapy, or even just helping you get to sleep. There are 4 compositions about 15 minutes each and they help to set up a very peaceful atmosphere.

    • Track 1 — Peaceful Repose
    • Track 2 — Healing Touch
    • Track 3 — Rain on Me
    • Track 4 — Living Waters