Healing Harp

    Click play to listen to Track 12 – Smokey Mountain Tune

    This CD is the first I recorded back in 2001. At the time I was still practicing in my profession as a Registered Nurse and I would take my harp into the hospital and play at the bedside and experience many stories of healing from the music. As this continued to develop, people started asking me if there was something they could take home and share. A friend of mine told me he knew another fellow that had a recording studio, so after a few phone calls and miles driven, we were in front of a microphone to produce this CD. This is an eclectic collection of various music that I was playing at the time, much of it that was requested by my listeners. I hope you will be blessed by these pieces and my prayer is for you to experience healing of your mind, body and spirit as so many have attested to.

    • Track 1 — Hebrew 23rd Psalm
    • Track 2 — It is Well With My Soul
    • Track 3 — Still Night
    • Track 4 — All Creatures of Our God
    • Track 5 — Foggy Dew
    • Track 6 — Greensleeves
    • Track 7 — Hebrew Psalms 91
    • Track 8 — Fiddle Tune
    • Track 9 — Simple Gifts
    • Track 10 — Minstrel Boy
    • Track 11 — Turn Your Eyes
    • Track 12 — Smokey Mountain Tune
    • Track 13 — Worship Him
    • Track 14 — He Will Reign
    • Track 15 — Hebrew Psalm 121
    • Track 16 — If the Son Sets You Free
    • Track 17 — He is the Way
    • Track 18 — Holy of Holies