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As an introduction to what The Calming Store is all about, I would like to give you a little background as to how I came to understand both sound and light frequencies. Over the years, I have been exposed to many brilliant researchers and some amazing technology. I started studying the effects of sound frequencies in 2006 because I was playing my harp in the hospital to patients and observing some amazing results. As I watched positive changes in vital signs and more relaxed countenances and even easier sleeping and quieting among those who were listening to the harp, I began to wonder if there were some frequencies that were more effective than others.

As I searched, I came across a book written by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Joseph Puleo titled “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”. In it I was introduced to the Solfeggio Frequencies and the special effects of the 528 Hz frequencies along with others. I began to apply what I was reading there to my music and some amazing results began to follow. As I began to produce CDs with my harp using these understandings and frequencies, I found that many people were receiving great benefits from the music of my harp.

Not long after, this discovery, I was led into some studies of Royal Rife as well as Nikola Tesla and learned about other frequencies besides sound frequencies that can be beneficial to our physiology. Electromagnetic frequencies and sound frequencies come in different forms and ways and if applied correctly, have been observed to have interesting effects on living organisms.

I also discovered a place in an unnamed location that was working with different frequency devices to determine their effects on various organisms and see if there might be some positive ways that they could be integrated into our lives for optimizing health and well-being.

The result of all this exposure to various frequency applications has led me to be very open to trying out different ones to see how they affect us. As much as I have seen and heard from people about the positive effects of my harp music on their lives, I am also convinced that many of these other forms of frequency applications and devices can be as positive or even more so.

That is why I am bringing together these manufacturers and designers to be represented in The Calming Store. I want to make a place where people who already know some of the beneficial effects of the Calming Harp can now come into this store that is dedicated to offering many other ways of adding more calming and well-being into their lives.

As you know, the FDA won’t allow me to make any guarantees or medical diagnosis or claims of curing anything. Any benefit that you may personally receive is highly subjective and results will vary widely. We are not representing anything on this site as “medical treatment”. We are just inviting you to “taste and see” if there might be anything that could be helpful for calming your life. Have fun!