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I had a friend call me the other day and introduce a website and concept to me that I would like to share with you. This is another approach to the Solfeggio Frequencies that I believe has merit in offering a therapeutic medium for receiving positive effects from the frequencies. I really like what Michael and his team have done by sounding the different frequencies and then playing harmonizing instrumentation into the frequency – filling it out into wonderful worshipful music that brings the healing and peaceful atmosphere. It is another example of what I believe to be various forms of understanding these frequencies and how to employ them what God is releasing to His children for our healing and restoration. Michael tells anecdotal stories of healings he has observed, even with his own mother – just as I have observed healings as well with the harp music.

I hope you appreciate their work and its results.

3 comments on “Sharing “Wholetones”

  1. I have been listening to the calming harp. I have looked at other music as well that was rather discordant to me. I have discovered one needs to be careful. All the titles are designed to get attention. I would, of course, wish to have anything and everything healed in a couple of weeks. I am wondering how the musicians decide what is good for what issue? I believe music is a powerful tool. Used without care, it could also have negative results. I am glad I found your site at the start of my search just after finding WholeTones. I want to thank you for helping me and others.

  2. This donation to Wholetones is made in loving memory of Bobbie Nixon Miller. Bobbie had progressive pulmonary disease, and passed away on 2/21/2017. She was a lady with courage and class, and frequently she posted on Facebook that “Wholetones” helped her relax and made it easier for her to breathe. In her memory, we hope our donation makes it easier for others no matter what their circumstance. Candace & Gérard

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