Announcing a New Album: All Nature Sings

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I am excited to announce the release of my newest Harp CD “All Nature Sings.” For several years now, I have been asked to produce a relaxing harp music CD that has nature sounds in the background. This spring I purchased a sensitive sound recorder and began to capture different sounds from the different places we were visiting: beautiful songbirds from our backyard in Mississippi; thunderstorm sounds from Kentucky; night sounds from Iowa; geese and loons from Wisconsin; and river sounds from Colorado.

When I went to California in July to record with Gene LeSage, we started to put “sounds together with some tracks I was laying down with the harp. As we combined the various tracks, I became more and more excited with the combination of the studio and the wilds of America. The result is this new album – “All Nature Sings”. I hope and pray that you will find this album a beautiful restful addition to the calming harp music that I make available.

I also want to add a note here: Gene and His lovely wife Linda lost their home and recording studio in the tragic fire that tore through Paradise, California this fall. I’m not sure if Gene is going to be able to rebuild. I just want to ask you all to be in prayer for them as they deal with all the decisions that they are going to have to make in these coming months. Gene is largely responsible for the expertise that goes into capturing the sounds of the Calming Harp and I hope and pray that we can continue to work together in the years to come.

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