New Article on Tabernacle Frequencies

Steve Rees Origins of Music, Thank you for your support
Frequencies of the Tabernacle: a free article published by Steve Rees of Calming Harp

I want to thank you all for the support I have received and the interest generated on the subject of the Tabernacle Prayer Frequencies. I have just published an article in three different journals over the last 2 months and have had requests from several more for the possibility of publishing with them. Because of the wide spread interest that is being generated on this subject, I have decided that I will make that article available here on this website. It will be a PDF file you can download by clicking this link that adds the article to our cart. The article is free, but you need to fill out the order form with your information to receive it. It is 9 pages – not too long, but I believe you will be blessed with the information contained in it; and please feel free to share it with others – that’s how we get the word out!

The first quarter of 2017 is going to be a busy – full – enriching time for us here at Calming Harp. We are releasing this article first of all. Then in a few weeks I will be introducing you to the music of a couple of my dear friends who are on the same page as I am in the frequency studies that I have been sharing. Some of the seminal discoveries on the harmonic scales that correspond with each frequency were made together with them in their living room up in Canada several years back.

The third item that I am really excited about is that we will be releasing another CD titled “The Keys of David” which is a presentation of 7 different Psalms of David and the music that comes from them. Of course they are all recorded in 528 Hz frequency and I pray will be a blessing to all. Keep watching and – Stay Tuned! 🙂