444 Hz – The Master Key




Click play to listen to a sampling of music.

I am happy to announce the release of my new CD album — The Master Key.

It is the second CD in what is to be a 7 CD set that has each one of the Tabernacle Frequencies as a separate 45-minute composition. Each of the frequencies is important to our bodies as the temple of the Spirit of God and I believe it is important to have each of them available for the work and tuning that we each need to do in preparing ourselves to be the bride of Yashua. The 444 Hz I am calling the Master Key because it is the one used to calibrate all the others. As in Isaiah 22:22 it is the Key of David – what it opens no man can shut and what it shuts, no man can open. I pray that you are blessed by this music as you listen and meditate. Blessings