528Hz Frequency of Light




Click play to listen to a sampling of music.

This 528 Hz Frequency music is based on specific frequencies that have been decoded from the Bible in the book of Numbers, Chapter 7 verses 12 – 84. These melodic chord progressions played on the harp are taken directly form the words of the Hebrew text and transcribed into musical notation.

These relaxing sounds will help to soothe the soul and provide a calming background for sleep and/or meditation. Some people write me and tell me that this music helps them tune their life energies into more complete health and wellness. Others say that it just helps them relax.

Many listeners are writing me and telling me that they are able to sleep with this music when they had been insomniac before finding it. Others are telling me that it helps them control pain and be able to relax when the stresses of life pile on. Some are finding that they are playing the music softly in the background all the time just to “change the atmosphere.” Some are even telling me that they are so moved by the music that they are brought to tears.

Massage therapists are using this music during their treatments along with birthing centers and many other therapeutic environments. Even pet salons and goat milking stations are finding that the animals are much calmer when the music is playing in the background.

Many parents are telling me that they use this music to play as they are getting their children into bed and the struggles to get them to sleep all but vanish. Others are using it in their cars as they travel to help their children settle down and not be so aggressive.