Click play to listen to Track 6 – The Shelter of Your Wings

The name for the album, ‘Illuminations’ comes from Psalms: “How praiseworthy is the people who know the sound of the shofar and who are illuminated and walk by the countenance of Hashem. In His name they rejoice all day long and through His righteousness they are exalted.” Psalms 89:15-16. In Hebrew ‘Illuminated’ is “b’or”. The idea of observing reality in the light of the Father’s presence, in His creation, and in His Word, set my imagination in gear. I began to think of the different images connected with the music that I felt inspired to write. It is my prayer that as you listen to the sounds coming forth from the harp that you will be inspired to see with your mind and heart the various ways that the Father shines His light into our lives.

  • Track 1 — The River
  • Track 2 — Mountain Paths
  • Track 3 — Evening Comes
  • Track 4 — Celtic Nights
  • Track 5 — Path through the Sea
  • Track 6 — The Shelter of Your Wings
  • Track 7 — Green Pastures
  • Track 8 — Meadow Dance
  • Track 9 — Kingdom Restored
  • Track 10 — The Journey
  • Track 11 — Streaming Light