Keys of David




Click play to listen to Track 1 – Psalm 23

In Isaiah 22:22 it says, “I will place on his shoulders the Keys of David, and what he opens, no man can shut; and what he shuts, no man can open.” As I have been working with the Psalms of David music, I have come to appreciate the beautiful chord progressions and music that is hidden withing each of the Psalms. As I have shared this music around the world, the feedback I am receiving is testimony to the wonderful affects this music has to calm and restore. The Hebrew word is “Shalom” and I believe that this music that comes from the Psalms is a “Key” to receiving this Shalom. I have recorded these Psalms in longer meditations so that you can just soak in the music and the frequencies and receive this Shalom.I pray that you will be blessed.

  • Track 1 — Psalm 23
  • Track 2 — Psalm 27
  • Track 3 — Psalm 51
  • Track 4 — Psalm 91
  • Track 5 — Psalm 103
  • Track 6 — Psalm 118
  • Track 7 — Psalm 136