Tabernacle Prayer Book CD Set




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We are happy to announce our newest addition of CD recording as well as an accompanying book. We have been discovering the effects of frequencies in our lives through the articles and posting that have been presented on this website. Our understanding about the frequencies and their origins from Scripture have caused us to take a closer look as to where these frequencies are described and consider the context of the Scriptures surrounding them. In so doing, we have discovered an amazing link between the Solfeggio Frequencies, (we prefer to call them the “Scripture Frequencies”) and the Tabernacle of Moses built by Israel during their wilderness wanderings after they came out of Egypt. It is our belief that these frequencies facilitate our approach to the Living God in worship and prayer.

The CD is a recording of Steve playing the harp in each of the Scripture Frequencies and is intended to be used in conjunction with the book for a calming deep worship experience of healing and deliverance. The book is written by Shir le and is filled with meditations and prayers and suggestions for introspection at each stage as you approach the throne of the Most High. Each of the frequencies is described along with its characteristics and accompanying color to give a fuller understanding of the experience. Worship songs that can be pulled off of YouTube are suggested to offer a more complete experience as well.

Everywhere we have presented this experience it has been received with enthusiastic support. We believe that this offering will be a real benefit to you in your spiritual journey.