The Frequency of Life by Avadim

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Calming Harp is excited to present “The Frequency of Life”, an album of original instrumental harp compositions. All instruments have been tuned to equal 444 Hz, with C equaling 528 Hz, for an even greater opportunity for healing of the spirit soul and body. The 528 Hz frequency has been proven by scientists to repair DNA; it brings the separated strands back to their helix formation. We believe this is the frequency that life was created in as the Creator sang or spoke everything into existence. As the frequency of life pours into your soul, may these unique compositions inspire the miraculous and encourage positive change and healing.

  • Track 1 — Winds of Change
  • Track 2 — Kaleb the Brave
  • Track 3 — Twenty-Four Moons
  • Track 4 — In the Wilderness
  • Track 5 — Manna
  • Track 6 — My Zy Guy
  • Track 7 — Aleph Tav
  • Track 8 — Passion
  • Track 9 — Echad
  • Track 10 — The Journey
  • Track 11 — Tree of Life
  • Track 12 — Sweet Sarah
  • Track 13 — Return of the King


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