396 Hz Frequency of Fire

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This is the 3rd CD in a series that will eventually be 7 which is the Tabernacle Frequencies (6) plus the 444 Hz which is the CD “Master Key” that is already available. The Frequency of Fire is played in the 396 Hz frequency which is associated with the Brazen Altar where the sacrifice was burned bringing purification and release. The 396 Hz frequency is also the first frequency one meets when going through the protocol of worship that eventually brings the worshiper before the Throne of Grace where our Heavenly Father longs to be with us. Remember he told Moses to “make Him a sanctuary so that He could dwell among us.” The Brazen Altar is the beginning of that process and is the lowest frequency – the lowest note.

The whole idea of each piece of tabernacle furniture corresponding to a particular note came about when Shirley asked Steve, “Do you think if you were to take the Hebrew text of the construction of each piece of furniture, there might be some pattern we would see?” So, Steve started applying the method of bringing the Hebrew text into music that he had been using with the Psalms of David. He started in Exodus 27: 1-8 with the Brazen Altar and began to find the notes and chord progressions for each of the Hebrew letters and words.

Interestingly, the Hebrew word for altar turns out to be the B chord and the word for brazen or copper is the G chord. Both of these came out dominantly in the chord progressions through the whole Hebrew text. This suggests very strongly a favoring of the 396 Hz Solfeggio frequency – I am starting to call these “Frequencies of the Tabernacle” because they are found in Numbers chapter 7, starting with verse 12, just after Moses has set up the tabernacle for the first time and each of the tribes started to bring a dedication gift on successive days.

I plan for each CD to be an extended version of each of the compositions that are included in the Tabernacle Prayer CD so each CD will be about 44 minutes and 4 seconds (444) although some run a little longer. Many naturopathic doctors and practitioners are using the Tabernacle Prayer CD to help people identify which frequency they respond to the best. It is my idea that these longer CDs in the same frequency range will help people once they know which frequency they respond to so they can play it in the background and receive the benefit of that frequency over a longer period.

I think it is important to understand that these Frequencies of the Tabernacle are not just novelties to say we have another tidbit of knowledge to tuck away in our brains. These frequencies are actually imparting life to us because they are bringing us into the presence of our Creator – Sustainer – Redeemer. Without Him we are already dead, even if we’re still walking around. Knowledge is not going to save us. Only relationship with Him – our Abba – is going to bring us into His kingdom. We don’t want to be standing at the door and hear Him say, “I’m sorry; I don’t know you, depart from me.” Only relationship – being in His presence will bring us into the wedding feast. It is my prayer that the music of these frequencies played on the harp will serve to bring you into that place of fellowship with Abba so that you can ascend the mountain of Yahovah with clean hands and a pure heart.

I have had so many people write to me and express how beneficial these frequencies have been in their lives and it is my hope and prayer that this CD will be a blessing to you as you listen.

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