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by | Sep 3, 2018 | Relaxing Music | 8 comments

I am excited to announce the release of my latest recording, “Living Water”!

This new Harp CD is melodic combinations of chord progressions from Psalms 90 through 100 – often referred to as the Psalms of Moses. I have added soft background music to the harp with keyboard accompaniment that, in my opinion, does not detract from the main focus of the harp. I believe that what you will hear on this recording will be a blessing to you. It is my hope and prayer that it become another treasured addition in your musical library providing you with hours of peaceful rest and gentle restoration.

I had a little fun with Psalm 100, “Enter His courts with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise”! This psalm sounded to me like a kingly procession through the streets of the city so I brought the music together to reflect a majestic pageantry displayed for the King. I hope you enjoy it and feel the joy of His presence through the music.

I was able to record this summer while in California with my good friend Gene LeSage at his recording studio in Paradise, and as always Gene provided his excellent expertise in the recording, mixing and mastering of the sounds of my harp and now keyboard. I always love getting together with Gene and the results of our time together have always proved to be inspirational.

This new CD is now available! Many of you have been asking when I would have some new recordings and I am so very happy to announce that you have to wait no longer!

Thank you all for your faithful support of Calming Harp and your interest in the Psalms of David and the 528 Hz Frequency of this music. I Appreciate All of You!!

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  1. Jos Saelman

    Hi Steve,
    Do you have a sample of this CD?
    Otherwise it can be added to my order of CD that I maild to you.

    • Steve Rees

      I’ll send it along 🙂

  2. Clara Jetty

    Can not find sample of new CD …..

  3. Yhushua

    Shalom Mr. Rees,
    Were you going to make the samples of this new cd available on its webpage? You had replied to Clara Jetty that you would send it along. Were you just sending it to Clara?

    • Steve Rees

      A sample is will be available soon ?
      We have been working on it.
      Thank you for your interest.

  4. Yhushua

    I just realized that your reply was to Jos Saelman, but Clara also had a comment about a sample.

  5. Lana Ebarb

    This is the most brautiful, restful music I have ever heard! Just beautiful! You are truly blessed to receive this from YHWH!

    • Steve Rees

      Thank you for your kind words Lana☺️


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