Shirley’s New Book

Shirley’s New Book

I want to introduce you to Shirley’s new book “God’s Power Lines”. She has written about the relationship between our spiritual connection with our Heavenly Father and how the physical principles of electricity work.

God's Power Lines

The book is also available at Amazon and is available in Kindle and Nook format as well.

As she was writing the book, I found that many of the explanations of the physics of how electromagnetism works and her applications into the spiritual realm, very closely matched up to the information I have been discovering in the area of the music frequencies. In his book, “The Book of 528” Leonard Horowitz goes through the mathematical calculations that prove this connection and as you understand the science behind the observable phenomena, you begin to see the design installed by The Designer in every level of our universe. There is a great series of lectures that were held in Albuquerque called “The Electric Universe” that helps one to shift our observations away from seeing things in a mechanical way and start to look at things as electromagnetic relationships.

Believing is not Seeing

Our Electric Universe

Another great YouTube a friend sent to me also shows the relationship between the physical and the electromagnetic frequencies of sound. Nigel Stanford has done a great job in demonstrating this:

There is so much information and experimentation taking place and it’s hard to keep up with all the discoveries. It is my belief that we are in a rapid expansion of understanding how we relate to our world and universe through these frequencies. I’ll try to keep adding links as I discover them – Please send me links you are discovering.

Hope you enjoy!