Music Frequencies Decoded

Music Frequencies Decoded

On the Shabbat of January 10, 2015 I had the opportunity to share the teaching I have developed on the Music Frequencies found in the scriptures of Numbers 7:12-83 and how they apply to the Hebrew alphabet characters from Psalm 119. I have already posted an abbreviated version of this teaching on YouTube, but this teaching is more detailed and many are sharing it on Facebook, so I thought I would make it available to those who are following this website. It is a fascinating idea to think that we can bring music out of the Hebrew text of the Psalms and other passages and discover the relationships between the words and the sounds. This is how much of the music that I have available as samples on this site has come about. I am hoping some of you will join me in exploring the possibilities of this music with different instruments and approaches of interpretations of the chord progressions found within the Hebrew text.

Here is the link to the latest teaching:

Please share with those you think might be interested in this understanding. Blessings.