I have compiled a list of articles I have found on the internet that have to do with the effects of Music in various areas of life. I will post the list now, and then add to it as time goes on. You can find each of these posts in the “Calming Harp Posts” page. Each of these articles will also be available in the Archives on the post page so you can read them as your time allows. I hope this will be of benefit to you. Feel free to e-mail me with any article you think should be included and if it fits this subject, I will certainly include it in these postings. I would like this to be a collaborative effort. Thanks.

Music Soothes The Soul

Music has been proven to help memorization, to help us retain information we have learned. It has to do with order, symmetry, rhythmic patterns, repetition, ideal mathematical form, and harmony.

Originally published in: American Chronicle | May 15, 2006

New Study Reveals music-relaxation link

This study establishes that music, by alternating fast and slower rhythms and pauses, can be used to induce relaxation.

Originally published in: BMJ Journal | September 30, 2005

Music filling Sharon’s senses

Ariel Sharon’s sons have been playing Mozart and Israeli folk tunes by their ailing father’s bedside…

Originally published in: Seattle Times | January 11, 2006

Molecular basis for Mozart effect revealed

New research has revealed a molecular basis for the “Mozart effect” – the observation that a brief stint of Mozart, but not other music, may improve learning and memory.

Originally published in: The New Scientist | April 23, 2004

Scientists explore enhancing effects of music

Since studies of what we now call “The Mozart Effect” began in the 1950s, researchers have discovered that music can do more good than we had previously thought.

Originally published in: The Cavalier Daily | December 2, 2005

Does classical music make babies smarter?

Playing classical music to babies – many experts think that it may stimulate the brain in a way that helps educational and emotional development.

Originally published in: BBC News | May 19, 2005

Mozart’s Legacy: Early music lessons may help children later in life

Scientific research has found some basis for the notion that music instruction stimulates general intelligence.

Originally published in: The Journal Times | June 8, 2005

Eat To Live: Music Makes Good Wine

Winemaker Cignozzi plays classical music to his vines and is convinced they yield better wines under the influence of music.

Originally published in: UPI.com | October 14, 2005

BBC News Report

Music, particularly Mozart, could have a therapeutic effect on epilepsy, say scientists.

Originally published in: BBC News | April 2, 2001

House Passes Music Education Resolution

The United States House of Representatives passed H.CON.RES.380 titled: Recognizing the benefits of music in education programs.

Originally published in: House Concurrent Resolution 355 – U.S. House of Representatives |