Introducing Doorkeeper Ministries

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John & Kelly Mills Introduced by Calming Harp

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce another good friend – Kelly Ferrari-Mills – and her website DoorkeeperMinistries. My wife and I met Kelly years ago before she was married to John Mills, who now joins her wholeheartedly in ministry. Kelly has spent her entire adult life in music ministry both here at home and internationally. Her time on the keyboard leading worship is always an anointed experience!

I’ve been encouraging Kelly for some time now to take a look at the frequencies and learn what they are all about. Our last visit with her and John was a real blessing to me as I saw and heard what she is doing with the music of the Psalms. She played a very inspiring version of Psalm 56. My encouragement about the frequencies found in Scripture is bearing beautiful fruit!

Kelly’s passion for worship is evident in the music she writes and plays. As we talked about “soaking frequency music” and her skill on the keyboard combined with the sounds of the harp in sustained worshipful music, the Tabernacle Frequencies are destined to offer times of refreshing and restoration for many. Kelly, like myself, have done many YouTube videos and she also has DVDs on various topics of interest including a video comparing she and John’s wedding to the coming wedding of Jesus/Yashua and His bride.

Kelly is in the process of sprucing up her website and within a short time it should be more optimized to display her work. I am recommending her website as another resource that helps bring glory to the Kingdom of YHVH through worship.