Introducing My Friends Don & Maureen

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I am pleased to announce the addition of the music CD’s of my friends Don and Maureen Clarke to our website. Don and Maureen and my wife Shirley and I met under providential circumstances back in 2008 and became fast friends immediately. We have been on similar paths and providence brings our paths together frequently. Don and I built Maureen a Voyager harp like mine several years back and over the time since, Maureen has become very accomplished on the harp, along with her classical piano training from university days.

One evening as we were visiting them up in their home in Canada, I was explaining my understanding of the 528 Hz frequency and the other 5 frequencies that accompanied them. Maureen went into a back room and brought out a set of tuning forks that were tuned into the 6 Solfeggio frequencies (I prefer to call them Tabernacle Frequencies) and we started to experiment with them. The first thing we discovered was that any music we tried to play with just these 6 notes did not make any sense.

We soon learned that each frequency/note had a harmonic scale that accompanied it. For example, we discovered that the frequency of 528 Hz harmonized nicely with the notes played in the key of C major or A minor and the key of F major also worked well with it. As we worked through the 6 frequencies, we found harmonic scales for each one of the frequencies and started to experiment with playing music in each of those scales. The results were amazing.

Don plays several instruments and so does Maureen, but she has concentrated on the harp. They both compose and record music and since the discovery of the Tabernacle Frequencies have recorded 3 CD’s using their understanding of these frequencies to offer delightful music. I believe their music adds a wonderful addition to the collection of music we offer here on this website and I am excited to share them with you. I would also like to add that Don is an incredible artist and most of the illustrations on their covers and website are painted by him.

You can reach Don and Maureen on their website:

I am proud to call them my friends and pleased to share them and their music with you.  Enjoy!